Teledyne’s Through Bulkhead Initiators (TBIs) are seabet clubhermetically sealed. It uses only energetic materials from the approved energetics list from MIL-STD-1901. The integral solid metal bulkhead(s) have been verified for hermeticity and the ability to withstand up to 35,000psi hydraulic test pressure after firing. seabet clubAvailable in single and dual redundant configurations. ​

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TBI/EFI/Stripline Assemblies

All of Teledyne’s TBIs are available with EFIs and striplines installed. The striplines can be Teledyne’s bench test seabet sports bettingfireset compatible configuration which is available off the shelf. The striplines are optimized for maximum EFI performance. These assemblies can also be supplied in custom configurations with striplines having the length, shape and terminations suitable for direct attachment seabet online casino gamesto a Teledyne or customer’s fireset.

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