​Reliable high voltage wire and cable are essential components of every explosive seabet online casinoinitiation system where EBW or EFI initiators are used. RISI's type ‘C’ coaxial cable, rated at 10 KVDC, is recommended where shielding, precise timing or firing lines exceeding 100 feet in length are requirements. RISI's twin lead high voltage blasting wire, rated at 5 KVDC, is ideal seabet online casino gamesfor general blasting where firing lines do not exceed 100 feet in length. Both of these products are rugged and suitable for field use. ‘C’ cable is available in spools of 250 feet and blasting wire in 1,000 foot spools.

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P/N 167-2669

Construction:Coaxial. Polyethelene insulator and outer jacket.
Voltage Rating:20 KVDC
Impedance:31 ohms
Availability:Spooled in 250 foot lengths.
Twin Lead High Voltage Blasting Wire
P/N 167-8559

Construction:Twin lead. Polyethelene insulator.
Voltage Rating:5 KVDC
Availability:Spooled in 1,000 foot lengths.